The Rolling Stones: ‘Sticky Fingers’ (Super Deluxe Box Set)

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The Rolling Stones: Sticky Fingers (Super Deluxe Box Set)

For those not willing to take out a second mortgage in order to score tickets for The Rolling Stones’ Zip Code Tour, take comfort in knowing you can still celebrate the band in all their grit and glory with a newly released 3CD/DVD/Vinyl ┬ásuper deluxe edition of their milestone album, Sticky Fingers.

With its infamous bulging crotch cover shot by Andy Warhol, this classic set from 1971 teems profusely with cocksure swagger, and highlights Mick Jagger and Keith Richard’s ingenious songwriting. Underscored with Mick Taylor’s inimitable guitar work, Sticky Fingers features the ballsy classics “Brown Sugar” and “Sway,” as well as the timeless “Wild Horses” and the bluesy “Bitch,” all of which shimmer and shine better than ever on this newly remastered collector’s edition.

This newly released super deluxe edition includes the original album remastered, a bonus CD of previously unreleased early versions, outtakes, and live performances, a third CD of the Live At Leeds University concert, a 7-inch vinyl containing “Brown Sugar” and “Wild Horses, plus a DVD featuring two tracks from Live At The Marquee. This essential, must-have edition (complete with functioning zipper) also features a 120-page limited edition book chronicling the making of the legendary album, along with limited edition print, poster, miniature cutout of the band, and a set of 4 postcards, all of which make this the quintessential version of one of rock’s most significant recordings.