David Cook “The Last Goodbye”

David Cook, winner of American Idol’s season seven, returns to the pop charts with the surprisingly upbeat “The Last Goodbye.” The lead-off single from his major label sophomore effort, This Loud Morning (set to drop on June 28), finds Cook temporarily shedding his serious rocker image on this brief slice of infectious pop, guaranteed to earworm its way into your brain.

Clocking in at just three minutes, this unpretentious ditty doesn’t try to be anything more than a short and bittersweet pop song. Co-written by Cook and One Republic’s pop master Ryan Tedder (known for penning hits for Adele and Leona Lewis), “The Last Goodbye” is certainly nothing ground breaking, but highly irresistible nonetheless. Female fans will find it tantalizing and sentimental, but it rocks enough for guys to like it too.

Its pure pop genius lies in the successful marriage of melancholy lyrics about heartbreak with a particularly ebullient melody. “I didn’t want to lose you/Leave you with a broken heart/But wherever we are, we’re miles apart/I know that we tried, but this is the last goodbye,” sings Cook in the chorus that’s so catchy you will find yourself repeatedly singing it in the shower, whether intentionally or not.

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