Love to Love Donna Summer

In lieu of tonight’s premiere of the documentary Love to Love You, Donna on HBO Max, as well as the recent anniversary of Donna Summer’s passing (May 17, 2012), I’ve spent a lot of time recently revisiting her catalog via my old and new vinyl albums and twelve-inch singles. Summer’s musical journey was and is still a very integral part of the soundtrack of my life, which encompasses my youth and adulthood. Listening to “I Feel Love,” “MacArthur Park Suite,” “Journey to the Centre of Your Heart” and the euphoria of the non-stop electronica of “Our Love,” “Lucky” and “Sunset People” not only transports me back in time, but also to another plane of consciousness.   

Although Donna Summer is no longer with us in the physical realm, her musical legacy will not soon be forgotten. I look forward to the new documentary co-directed by Roger Ross Williams (Music by Prudence, God Loves Uganda) and Summer’s daughter Brooklyn Sudano. The buzz surrounding Love to Love You, Donna has concurrently filled me with curiosity and anticipation.